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Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament

The Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament is part of a unique and special purpose fund to help people in need access the latest approved treatments.
Chronic Lymphatic Leukemia is the most common type of leukemia.
Yesterday it was a Blood Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant, TODAY there is a pill, Ibrutinib, tomorrow offers more miracle drugs…
The Possibilities Fund for CLL, a 501c3,  is designed to help people in need get to a cure, whatever it may be, and new innovations are coming.
We all know someone who has or had CLL and it has taken many lives.  Today CLL is not a death sentence. 

Through donations and Fundraising events like the The Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament, the SCOA Cares Foundation funds awards for financial assistance to cancer patients. Current awards funded are a Cat SCAN award that pays for patients to receive CT Scans and PET Scans at no cost, we have a Oral drug award that, thru vouchers, patients can receive vital cancer and symptom medications, we assist with Cobra Payments for those patients currently undergoing treatment and have lost their job due to cancer, and we fund a transportation award to get patients to their treatment when they have no alternative transportation options.

You have the opportunity to leave a lasting legacy through giving.

Often times the most lasting impression we can leave is the capacity in which we share with others and the generosity by which we provide for future generations.

All donations go directly to help those who need Ibrutinib to stay alive and your donation helps to pay for the costly expense of this drug. 
Know that your donation matters and will be life-changing for someone in your community.
Donate now and help save a life!
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About The Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament

Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament

The 2017  Possibilities Fund Golf Tournament was a great success and everyone there had a great time while supporting a very worthwhile cause; saving lives.   Many thanks to all of the players, donors, sponsors, volunteers, supporters who helped make the tournament such a great success.
We look forward to the September, 2018 event and making it even better.
Please join in supporting the effort to save lives, today!



 The Possibilities Fund Endowment for CLL wishes to acknowledge the Possibilities Golf Tournament GRAND SPONSOR, Fortiline Waterworks for stepping forward in a LEADERSHIP Role in support of this unique and worthwhile endeavor to Save Lives and get CLL Patients to a CURE.


Thanks to Our Gold Sponsors Southland Equipment Service, Inc.  and Trans-American Equipment


 Sponsored Hole Events:
Carolina Honda Powerhouse
Hole-in-One Pioneer ATV
Dixon Golf
Two Hole Challenges Par 3 and Par 5
Indian Rivers Golf Club
Longest Drive & Closest to the Pin

Thanks to WACHFOX News for updates and coverage of the Tournament!!!



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Great Golf; Great Food; Great Prizes; for a Great 501c3 Cause!


About Us

Henry Richardson Founder

Meet Henry Richardson.  As a CLL survivor since 2000 and the founder of the Possibilities Fund, Henry has seen many changes to what was once a certain end.
Numerous treatments with more treatment opportunities are being researched every day.

Chemo treatments are positive in getting a patient to the next option, but it is an on-going process with many loop holes and potential problems.
Yesterday there were those who had run the gauntlet and were left with only one option, a Blood Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant.

This is a long costly process with no guarantees but a potential promise to be cured.
Today there is Ibrutinib, a pill that taken daily binds to the CLL cell and turns it off.
This miracle drug now gives new hope to many.

TODAY is a New beginning!  DONATE TODAY and help save a life!
This Unique Fund is designed to incorporate advances in Cures as they emerge making it a long term solution for many.

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Our Logo

The founder, while in College at The University of South Carolina studying  Journalism AD/PR  was required to take two art classes.  Art History was not what was expected though a broad education in stained glass in European Churches.  Sculpture was the second art class and proved to be the perfect choice.

Before casting a 70 lb. aluminum sculpture a clay sketch was required.  The professor explained sculpture only “works'”in odd numbers.  That proved to be incorrect.  The now founder of the Possibilities Fund Endowment for CLL produced a two piece clay sketch which was approved with doubts by the professor.

It turned out to be beyond all expectations and earned the then art student an “Absolute A” for the class.
So impressed was the Dean of the Department he brought the student keys to the sculpture department and tool room to use as he wanted.
The sculpture was named “Possibilities”, for anything is possible.  Based on the students father’s wisdom that “You can do anything you want to do” and the  biblical saying “Thru God all things are possible”.   In other words, the sculpture had meaning to its creator.
The Possibilities sculpture became the logo for The Possibilities Fund for CLL.

A dark granite base was added with securing modifications to enable people to touch and rotate the pieces safely.
The sculpture is made to be touched, so the founder and sculptor says…..


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The Possibilities Fund for CLL is a 501c3 foundation at SC Oncology, SCOA Cares and serves the Midlands in South Carolina. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE POSSIBILITIES FUND – ORANGE IS THE COLOR FOR LEUKEMIA The endeavors of this Special Fund bridge the final gap between those affected and the Cures that medicine has developed. With your help we hope to save countless lives.  …