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Often times the most lasting impression we can leave is the capacity in which we share with others and the generosity by which we provide for future generations.

Help to save and restore someone’s life by donating to the Possibilities Fund. 
All donations go directly to help those who need Ibrutinib to stay alive and your donation helps to pay for the costly expense of this drug. 
Know that your donation matters and will be life-changing for someone in your community.




The SCOA Cares foundation is a NON-Profit 501 (c)(3) Organization that assists those in need with Cancer Care.

Through donations and Fundraising events, the SCOA Cares Foundation funds awards for financial assistance to cancer patients. Current awards funded are a Cat SCAN award that pays for patients to received CT Scans and PET Scans at no cost, we have a Oral drug award that, thru vouchers, patients can receive vital cancer and symptom medications, we assist with Cobra Payments for those patients currently undergoing treatment and have lost their job due to cancer, and we fund a transportation award to get patients to their treatment when they have no alternative transportation options.

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