About Us

Henry Richardson Founder

Meet Henry Richardson.  As a CLL survivor since 2000 and the founder of the Possibilities Fund, Henry has seen many changes to what was once a certain end.
Numerous treatments with more treatment opportunities are being researched every day.

Chemo treatments are positive in getting a patient to the next option, but it is an on-going process with many loop holes and potential problems.
Yesterday there were those who had run the gauntlet and were left with only one option, a Blood Stem Cell Bone Marrow Transplant.

This is a long costly process with no guarantees but a potential promise to be cured.
Today there is Ibrutinib, a pill that taken daily binds to the CLL cell and turns it off.
This miracle drug now gives new hope to many.

TODAY is a New beginning!  DONATE TODAY and help save a life!
This Unique Fund is designed to incorporate advances in Cures as they emerge making it a long term solution for many.

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