Our Logo

The founder, while in College at The University of South Carolina studying  Journalism AD/PR  was required to take two art classes.  Art History was not what was expected though a broad education in stained glass in European Churches.  Sculpture was the second art class and proved to be the perfect choice.

Before casting a 70 lb. aluminum sculpture a clay sketch was required.  The professor explained sculpture only “works'”in odd numbers.  That proved to be incorrect.  The now founder of the Possibilities Fund Endowment for CLL produced a two piece clay sketch which was approved with doubts by the professor.

It turned out to be beyond all expectations and earned the then art student an “Absolute A” for the class.
So impressed was the Dean of the Department he brought the student keys to the sculpture department and tool room to use as he wanted.
The sculpture was named “Possibilities”, for anything is possible.  Based on the students father’s wisdom that “You can do anything you want to do” and the  biblical saying “Thru God all things are possible”.   In other words, the sculpture had meaning to its creator.
The Possibilities sculpture became the logo for The Possibilities Fund for CLL.

A dark granite base was added with securing modifications to enable people to touch and rotate the pieces safely.
The sculpture is made to be touched, so the founder and sculptor says…..